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“Electronic Flares and Landing Helicopter kits that are Brighter, Better and Safer in any weather condition”

All of Safety Shine’s Electronic Road Flares, Safety Beacons are designed and engineered to stand up to the toughest working conditions in the world. Each and every product that we sell is tested to insure that they will work as hard as you do, day in and day out. When you purchase a Safety Shine product, you know that you have purchased the very best LED safety product available.
At Safety Shine , we specialize in LED safety products. Lighted LED products are the fastest growing segment of the safety products market. Driven by the incredible energy efficiencies and durability of the LED itself, it is not uncommon for an LED product to run 20 to 50 times longer than a comparable incandescent product.
In our quest for the brightest and most durable LED safety Products on the market, Safety Shine has developed the Elite Series LED products. When you see the Safety Shine Elite Series LED trade mark, you can rest assured that the product has been specifically designed and engineered for the tough demands of professional every day use. In other words, designed to keep you safe night and day.

Our own custom designed integrated circuits ensure that you have dependable products that won’t fail when you need them most. We meet and exceed North American standards for Durability, Brightness and Energy Efficiencies in all of our products.


We are committed to upholding our most quality in every single product we make.

Every component is perfectly designed; Fresnel lens, high impact resistant ABS body, Electronic multi-function switch, high power LED’s that can be seen for up to 1000 meters at road level and also shooting out on a glide path to safety land Emergency Helicopters.