Safety Shine LED Road Flares

LED Road Safety Flares

Stay safer with LED safety flares - designed specifically for longevity and brightness


Stay Safer with Safety Shine

Problems with traditional road flares:

  • Burn at 1800 degrees Fahrenheit, and are a major safety hazard
  • Only illuminated 1 - 6 hours, depending on the type of flare
  • Emit carcinogenics as they burn
  • Have the potential to start forest fires even when properly used
  • Are one-time use, and are very expensive over time
  • Can be hard to lite without training
  • Increased occupational safety risks
  • Can be ruined by exposure to water


How Safety Shine LED Road Flares solves these problems:

  • Much longer run-time (60-80 hours depending on mode)
  • More economical after just 4 uses in most cases
  • Have durable, long life ABS casings ensuring many years of operating life
  • Long-life and replaceable rechargeable batteries
  • Great night-time visibility (Can be seen from up to 1,000m away)


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